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Rome in Colour

I’d thought I’d follow up my last black and white post with a colourful set of photos of Rome.

Italian Pizza
One of the best pizza’s we’ve had so far. This was a selection of three and it just so happened to match the Italian flag, purely by coincidence. In Rome, most of the pizza is sold by the slice, and you can choose how big you want it to be at this place as they charge you by weight.
Castel St. Angelo
View of the Castel St. Angelo alongside the Tiber river. One of the iconic landmarks of Rome.
Statue on a bridge across the Tiber River
Statue on a bridge across the Tiber River
Food store in Rome
One of the coolest food stores I have ever been in, this one had delicacies from all over the world and was a warren of chocolates, foie gras, champagne, etc. It just went on and on.
Details of a Roman structure
Taken in the Forum Romanum, this shows the detail of that can be found on some of the ancient Roman buildings.
Forum Romanum
Some of the ruins of the Forum Romanum. The Forum Romanum was the heart and seat of power of ancient Rome. Today it is but a collection of ruins, but even the ruins give an insight into the size and beauty of the buildings.
Forum Romanum Gate
The gate into Ancient Rome. These buildings are positively huge.